Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Chugging Along...

Two whole days without a tear at the bus stop, woohoo! J actually gets excited to tell me bye from his seat. They still object a bit when they know they have to go again the next day (& have some cracking voices the night before about it) but when they wake up and are at the bus stop we are okay. My voice cracks a "little" as I wave and tell them bye, but at least my heart isn't hurting after.

I've been sort of productive in my days. I have had to do a few errands lately (which seem to eat up all my time!) but at least I'm getting out & enjoying these last of these nice days. I cleaned a lot of the house yesterday & today did a couple of errands & had time to do some crochet & go on a bike ride with Mike when he got home from work. We discovered two new parks & saw some "whoa big" houses that are close by. Who knows, maybe some stuff off the "to do" lists will get crossed off soon ;)

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