Monday, 8 September 2014

First Full Week of School!....

Welcome to our test week. Since the school staggered them in last week this is the first time the boys have had to go to school everyday (let alone 5 days in a row).

On Friday (first time getting on the bus by themselves to school), J had some mini meltdowns. He was fine in the morning, until it was time to put on our shoes to go to school. He started crying right then and all the way to the bus stop. The lady whose house we stand at is super nice (& her daughter helps direct my wee ones on the bus) went inside and got some tissues for all of us (I say all because he even got some of the other moms crying). When I asked him why he said because he was worried about me. What a great boy! He went on the bus anyway when it came (with the chapstick in his backpack) and would just turn around and between crying hiccups say "I love you mommy, I'll miss you". Ugh, I had a hard time keeping that together. They all sat side by side and the bus pulled away. My heart was torn.

Fast forward through the weekend (& some runny noses, bleh) & last night we had 2 in tears that didn't want to go (E & J). Not what I needed. I hoped by morning time they would be better. My hope was crumbled as I woke them them up & they immediately start crying after finding out they have to go to school. Being by myself in the morning is rough when I have wee ones crying & trying to get their lunches ready but somehow we pulled through this morning. I found 3 pictures in my purse that had their dad and me in them and asked who wanted what pic and then we put them in their backpacks. Whenever they wanted to "see" us they could just look at it. We brought tissues this time and they did pretty well. J looked back a little in line and said he'd miss me but without nearly the same amount of hiccups. E didn't cry at the bus stop but he had a frown on his face which I tried to distract out of him by showing him the crew that was working on the house next door. That cheered him up some (I also did much better and only had a slightly cracked voice instead of tears). When they came home later, they were in better spirits and they all said they had a good day. J said he got to play with playdough & they all got to paint (which is the main thing they all wanted to do at school). When it came time to go to bed and get our things ready for school the next day they replied with "I already went". So far G is the only one not really complaining but what I gather (my boys are not too talkative about school and I think I'm missing some key information on what they do share) is that he is actually playing with other kids while E & J are not. E & J are sitting during recess and acting miserable (which I think is weird because that's the time to run). I went to the school today to see what happened during recess (& hoped to see them) but I guess I wasn't on the right recess shift. I did see the little kids and big kids on the same playground (not the smaller one I envisioned) which made me happy. I also saw hundreds of kids just running around and chasing each other & hoped my 3 were doing the same but I guess not. Hopefully it continues to get better for them, especially once they have all the supplies in their room that they're supposed to have (like the sand box and water stuff that the other classrooms have).
front to back: J, E G

front to back: J, E, G
On a side note, the boys got new bikes on Friday! Their poor legs were just getting too long for their tricycles.

Wish us luck for tomorrow's bus stop!

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