Wednesday, 3 September 2014

We Survived!!!

The first day of school is finally over and I'm happy to report we all survived!

I first started waking up around 6:15, worried that I'd oversleep or not have enough time to do everything. I would go back to sleep but would look at the clock every now & then. I finally got up at 7:10 and started getting myself ready for the morning. If we were taking them in the van I'd have to look semi-presentable at the school. G woke up after me all smiles. I asked him if he was ready to go to school and he said yes. I finished getting ready and then woke up the other 2. They were all smiley and happy that they were going to go. I got their lunches all ready & made everything fit. They ate all their breakfast and got dressed. We were early in getting ready so I was able to take a few pictures at the house. We even saw the kids getting on at their bus stop. Gaby started worrying that he wasn't going to school since he didn't get on the bus. I had to keep explaining that today was a special day & that mommy and daddy were going to take them so we could meet their teacher.

We finally piled in the van and were on our way! I asked if they were excited and all said yes. We found where all the other kindergartners were and waited patiently. They were still okay at this point. The problem came when the bell rang to go inside. Jacob had a meltdown. "No mommy don't go" "I don't wanna stay" "I'm done" (of course, all while screaming & tears in his eyes). I tried to calm him down and get him back in line but he wasn't having it. Luckily the other 2 were good and weren't really paying attention. I asked if I could help him get in his class and they said yes. This calmed him down some but he was still really nervous. I helped him in and after the anthem and prayer got his backpack hung up. He then went back to meltdown mode (especially since there was another little girl that was having one with her mommy too). I racked my brain for something that could calm him down and finally settled on giving him something of mine to hold on to. All I could find in my purse (that I would be willing to lose) was chapstick but it worked. I asked him to keep it in his pocket and if/when he was sad he could hold on to it and remember I love him. He calmed down enough to sit down with the other kids on the carpet. He looked back and I waved at him from the window & he waved back & seemed OK.

We drove home and relished in the quiet for a bit while we ate breakfast & filled in both grandmas as to what happened in the morning. We got ourselves ready for a day out on the lake since the weather was warm and we were kid free for 6 hours! We spent it at the Burlington/Hamilton Harborfront biking from one side to the other. We went from one side to the other (about 20km total) and then had lunch at Barangas. So happy for nice days!

They came home and were still in one piece as they came off the bus. Mike heard one of the girls from our neighborhood tell the boys that it was their turn to get off. I started asking them how their day was and E told me that Jacob whined because he missed mommy. I told him it was okay & that he'll get better the more he goes. I tried to ask them more and more what happened during their day and they didn't say much. J said he did "I spy with my little eyes" with his teacher. When I asked what they thought of the bus ride they collectively were in agreeance that it was great (J's exact words to be exact).

This is their first artwork for the fridge :)
The poem is so sweet:

The kissing hand poem
It's my first day of school, 
and I'm thinking of you.
I made this precious handprint, 
so you'll think of me too. 

On my first day of school, 
"The kissing hand" is what we read. 

It's about a raccoon named Chester, 
who did just as his parents said. 

Like the raccoon's first day of school,
I was scared and a little shy,
but because I thought of you,
I was brave and got by. 

All through the year, 
I'll make more things for you, 
so as I change and as I learn, 
you can share in the fun too!

All in all the main thing is that we survived. I know they know what to expect so I won't be as worried. They will always know that I am home waiting for them.

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