Saturday, 29 November 2014

Come & Gone...

September & October have come & gone and November is almost on its way out. With these passing's many memories were made.

17th - Mike & I celebrated our 9th marriage anniversary. Some days I can't believe its been that long and other days I feel like I've known him my whole life. No matter what, I cannot imagine my future without him.

19th - We got to visit my cousin in Detroit. It was so awesome to finally have our kids playing together. The kids have asked to go back and play with them & she's told me her kids have asked about ours. I hope to have more play times soon!

28th - We went to Frootogo Farms & picked apples courtesy of Mike's work. The boys had a great time & we even got to go on a tractor ride. It wasn't a super long ride but it took us to the back pumpkin patch and you could pick as many as you wanted. We let the boys each pick one and then we got a free one with our work coupon.

16th - My mom flew in for the boys' birthday weekend. The boys had no idea she was going to come. When Mike & I went to the bus stop to pick them up, my mom hid behind us and as they came down the stairs we separated and showed them who was between us. J seemed a little thrown back by it and E gave her a hug then asked if Autie (Angelina) was waiting at the house & G didn't even pay attention (he was too busy waving to people on the bus) until we called his name and he finally saw her.

17th - Luckily they didn't throw too big of a fuss the next day & went to school with the promise that we were coming to bring cupcakes for them & their class. When we got there, the boys were wearing birthday crowns and had a birthday button and a bracelet (in their color of course). They were just finishing up lunch and then we gave everybody their cupcakes. They had a hard time letting us leave without them, which their teacher noticed, and she just told us that they were just going to go outside and play for the rest of the day if we wanted to take them home. The boys were super excited to leave and so we gathered their things and headed to Walmart to pick up some last minute items for their party the next day. My dad and brother made it on their flights that night but came in after the boys had already went to bed.

18th - Their birthday party went off really well. The boys woke up and heard my dad snoring in the adjoining room so G & J (E was sleeping with Mike & me) went off to investigate where the noise was coming from & then ran back to their room. They were excited to see grandpa and even found Andrew in another room. We had a good time at their party & Mike made balloon animals/shapes for the kids (I got a crown!).

19th - My dad had to leave because he had to be at work school on Monday & couldn't get out of it. We spent the rest of the day at the mall & just enjoying each other.

20th - We picked up the boys from school & we finally got to see them play outside! It was so cute to see them running around & I was impressed that they had big tricycles for them & G & E were busy riding a couple (they have over a dozen of tricycles).

21st - Mom and Andrew had to go home but we really enjoyed their visit & can't wait for the next time.

22nd - The boys took their first field trip and it was to Puddicombe Farms. It was so cold but at least we didn't have to be there the whole day. They did pretty well but at the end, they had to leave me and go back to school on the bus and that was hard but they did it.

23rd - We finally changed our garage doors! It was so exciting to get that done and they look beautiful.

29th - Unfortunately, the KC Royals didn't win the World Series but they put up a hell of a fight! Watching & cheering all the way from Canada made me so proud to be from KC!

31st - Halloween!!! With this, the school hosted a Move-A-Thon fundraiser. All the FDK were in the gym for an hour in their costumes, dancing along to music. It was so cute to see all these little guys dressed up! I was impressed with G and how outgoing he was. He danced almost the whole time. There was a little girl that kept following G around and they danced together & held hands. It was so cute! They were even wearing the same costume (batman/batgirl).
It was drizzling a little when the kids started out for trick-or-treating but not too bad & it let up eventually. I took the first leg and went north with the kids. G old just about everyone as soon as they opened the door that E was the Hulk. Once we got back to our house, Mike took them the other way & after they got to the T in the street, they were done and wanted to come home. They walked away with quite a loot!

Feels like the kids have been sick for most of this month & G or J has been home off and on at least once a week.
7th - G tells me that his throat hurts and he can't swallow & he has a little fever. I kept him home and took him to the walk-in the next day and surprise surprise, he has strep again. When he saw the meds the pharmacist was putting in the bag, he said "That medicine again?" Very observant, little one!

11th - Got one last day of good weather so the kids got to play in the leaves outside while daddy winterized everything. As they ran from the deck to the pile of leaves they shouted "Cannonball!!!"

13/14th - The kids had a scheduled PA day so Mike took the day off and we booked Fallsview Indoor Waterpark in Niagara. We took the kids out of school a little early on Thursday & headed to the falls. It was a total surprise and they had no idea. When we got to the hotel they thought we were just going to swim in the hotel pool and were getting upset when we went outside to head towards the park. Once we got in though, they were in much better spirits and were excited. E & J were not chicken and went down some of the big water slides (unfortunately they weren't tall enough to go on every slide but they still had a fair amount they could go on). G was a little chicken & wouldn't try even the short slides they had. The next day we were at the park by 10:30 and J got cold pretty quickly. It didn't feel as warm at first but once you got used to it it was good. At least the temperature inside the park was warm and you were comfortable in shorts or your suit. As we were waiting on the structure for Mike to come down one of the body slides, G left my side and went a floor below us and just went down the small yellow water slide by himself. I was so impressed, I couldn't believe that he chose to do it finally. Once he went once, he couldn't stop going! I would say he went down that slide about 50 times. He also tried the small green slide they had and I was impressed because part of that was in a tunnel. He wouldn't go on the bigger slides even though they were just a little longer but at least he tried the others. Bigger ones will come later ;) Maybe we'll go to a park where he can actually go down with us and he won't be so nervous.

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