Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Live in nanny (a.k.a. auntie)...

Victoria Day Monday the boys got an awesome surprise. Their Auntie Angelina came up for a visit on Monday. It was a holiday day for us so Mike stayed at his parents to work & I packed up the boys & headed to the airport.

They had no idea what was coming. I collected them from the park that grandma took them to (once I was sure she was on her way & about to land) & just told them I had to take them with me because we had to get a surprise. They started asking what it was & I just told them it was a surprise & they'd see when we got there. As we got closer to the airport, I noticed that E was taking a catnap & the other 2 were just watching their videos. G noticed the airplanes but he didn't make the connection yet. As we got near the arrival part, E woke up & noticed where we were. I turned on the video camera on my phone, but didn't hold it (just stuck it in a cup holder); figured that way I could at least get their cute conversations on camera. As I went around they kept saying they really wanted auntie to be there & hoped we'd find her. We didn't find her the first time & she sent me a message saying her bag didn't come & she was just putting in a claim. As I made the drive out of arrivals the boys started yelling at me saying, "No mommy, you have to go back! We have to get auntie!" On the second round I saw her & put the windows down. E didn't notice her yet but as soon as she stepped to the van she peeked in & said "Hi boys" & then they couldn't stop talking!

The next morning the first thing on their minds was to wake up auntie. I didn't object & I knew she wouldn't either. The weather was kind of blah & we had to figure out when the bag was coming so we could pick it up. Rima also happened to be in town so we were going to visit her that night as well. Rima was super kind & decided she'd let the boys pick out their own toy at Toys R Us. That was quite interesting. Of course, they found lots of things they "needed" but in the end they did really well & each ended up with 1 toy & not many tears or screams.

Wednesday morning I awoke to a surprise. The boys were quiet & not in their beds. I got to sleep in for a bit & found them all downstairs with auntie. They woke her up this morning first instead of me! She had their workbooks out & were busy tracing & drawing. It was then that I fantasized about how wonderful it would be to have a live-in nanny. 

We decided to try a new learning center on Wed. They had a good time & even made us "pizza" & cupcakes. Later that night, we had to go to an info meeting for their kindergarten class :( I teared up during the whole presentation. The boys were good & stayed with auntie that night (first time!) and they watched a couple of movies and had dinner and popcorn. Mike & I got a look at their classrooms & I took pictures. When I showed it to them (they liked the indoor sandbox & water sink & paints & play dough) they were asking to go to school. 

We went to the library as usual on Thursday & Ang was so excited to see them sing; however, Gaby had other issues & decided to be angry during most of the songs. It was a gorgeous day so we went to the park with our friends & grabbed a pizza. The boys loved the park & the fact that it was close to the lake. Towards the end they were just grabbing rocks & throwing them in.

It was such a nice day we decided to try rollerblading by the "lighthouse". The weather got a little cooler ( :( ) and the boys were more interested in throwing rocks into the lake (since we did that earlier) but we went a little ways and then we succumbed & let them throw rocks into the lake for a bit then headed home. 

You want some?
On Friday it was raining & cloudy so we thought we'd take a little trip to the mall. The boys love elevators & escalators (now...they used to scream when we went in them when they were around 1-2 years old) & felt like doing some window shopping. We stopped for some ice cream & coffee along the way. Mike met us at the mall & kept the boys busy while we did more window shopping. They were so kind that they even carried our bags!

Started with haircuts

Saturday was a day of pampering for my sis. I didn't get to be there for her birthday so I took her out while Mike took our minions to his parents so he could help finish their walkway.

Then the winery & pedicures

Of course we had to get a birthday cake

To be continued...

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