Sunday, 18 May 2014

Happy Victoria Day Weekend!

A three day weekend doesn't come around that often and this month we are helping Mike's parents (by we I mean mostly Mike) fix the walkway/retaining wall at their house. Not so relaxing as far as weekend go but it is a weekend full of exercise :)

Last night the kids watched some fireworks from a nearby neighborhood from their bedroom window. Tonight, we watched them in the middle of our subdivision. We have neighbors that put on quite a fireworks show for everybody. They ask for a fee & they use it towards the fireworks for this year and what's left over, fireworks for next year. They also offer coffee, tea, chips and other various snacks for everyone. We talked about it & decided we'd skip bath for tonight and gather our chairs and blankets and head over to watch with the rest of the neighborhood. As we were waiting, Elias kept saying, "This is going to be great!" And I have to totally agree with him. The show was amazing. It went on for about 30 minutes. The ice cream man even showed up! Mike went home and grabbed the sparklers we had & let the boys fire up a couple each before the big show started. They used to be so afraid of them but as they get older they are getting more adventurous (in some things).

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