Wednesday, 18 June 2014

First sleepover!!

On Sunday, June 8th, Elias kept asking his grandma if he could go to her house. His main focus to go was that he wanted to play with his grandpa's tool box. I told him he had to wait & we'd go later this week. He decided he wanted to spend the night. I was surprised that he was pushing that hard to sleep over. Whenever she asked him to stay before he was so adamant that it was no. We tried to explain that if he went daddy would pick him up the next day and that he couldn't cry at night for us because grandma couldn't bring him back. He said he understood & would even repeat what we said. Finally, after dinner I went upstairs & packed a small bag for him. The group got up to leave & when G & J saw daddy put a car seat inside grandma's van they lost it. Just kept saying Yaso couldn't go without them & that they wanted him. We tried to explain that he was sleeping at grandma's & wouldn't be back until tomorrow & if they left they couldn't cry & couldn't bring them at night. They swore they were okay & wanted to go. So I went back upstairs & packed as much I could think of that they would all need & be comfortable with. They took our van instead (since 3 car seats can't fit in theirs) & away they went. I was just shocked. I didn't know what to do with myself. I hoped they would be good. Wasn't sure how far they'd actually get. Mike guessed they'd get to the end of the subdivision ask to come back.

We just kind of looked at each other in shock. I didn't know what to do. The house was too quiet. Since we'd already had dinner & it was a Sunday night there weren't many "date" things we could do. They called us before bed and J was a little teary eyed saying he wanted to come home but grandma assured him daddy would pick him up the next day & I told him I'd see him tomorrow. I had a little hard time sleeping fully all night but woke up refreshed around 8. Stayed in bed & they called me again around 8:30. They were all in good spirits & all slept the night through!

The next day I found a few errands I've been meaning to do. I talked to them a couple of times & they were in great spirits & had eaten well. They went to the park with grandma & had some snacks. By the time daddy came to get them E & J said they didn't want to leave! They were all a little subdued by the time they came home (Mike said they were trying to take naps on the way).

All in all it was a very successful first time. It's nice that they did it on their own instead of a "have to" situation. Now whenever we "have to" they already know what it's like & it won't be such a big deal.

Proud of you boys!!

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