Friday, 22 November 2013


Everyone knows that once you have children the idea of sleep (or even a bigger shocker, sleeping in!) has to go out the window. Since the boys were old enough, Mike & I have taken turns on the weekend & one of us gets up with them at night (this person gets to sleep in) & the one that got to stay sleeping at night goes downstairs with them; waiting for the day when they would be willing to go down & just be quiet for a bit until we got up.

Today was the start of those dreams...Even though I needed to get up at a decent time to take the boys to the Early Learning Center at the church, I got to wake up in a relaxing way. J was already sleeping in my bed but the other 2 didn't come pouncing in & demanding I wake up. As I got up to go to the bathroom, I heard the sound of the TV on softly downstairs. I crept down & found E & G sitting on the sofa side by side, blankets on & in a discussion about one of the library books they were reading. They didn't see me so I backed up & prayed for my phone to finish starting up so I could take some video as it was too cute not to capture. J started coming down the stairs & I begged him to stay quiet. Luckily I got a few seconds of them being cute together before they noticed me.

I hope them going downstairs & entertaining themselves for a while is a trend they'll continue!

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