Saturday, 2 November 2013

Our First Trip to the Dentist...

In some ways was worse than I expected & better than I expected. When we first arrived the receptionist (Phyllis) stood up to see them. They were a sight walking in with matching coats & umbrellas. As I started to fill out the new patient forms & G was called back. Dad went with him & the other 2 started getting upset that dad left. I told them they could follow & I finished up the forms fast. Much to both our surprise, G went into the chair all by himself. I figured he'd scream once the chair started moving back but nope! He opened his mouth very well for the hygienist & even let her scrape & polish his teeth!

The other 2 saw him being good but when I tried to get another one in the chair (in the room next door) they didn't want anything to do with it. I tried laying in the chair & J lay on me, nope. I tried letting the hygienist put the tools in my mouth first but that didn't work either. I even tried giving him the mirror so he can see inside my mouth, nope. E saw all this going on & when she asked if he wanted to get up instead, his reply was simply, "No fanks" ("no thanks" for those of you who don't speak "Elias") - at least he was polite about it.

After G was done he started picking out his toothbrush. This was exciting for all of them. The other 2 started asking for toothbrushes but we said they had to get their teeth cleaned first. Daddy took Elias to the other room & the dentist popped in & checked out G. Everything was good for the most part but he has a little bit of an overbite. Luckily, once daddy sat in the chair E sat on him & let the hygienist do her work. When G was finished we walked over to give E support. He was laying happily on his daddy while the hygienist was brushing & squirting water in his mouth (he loved the water squirting part actually). He finished up without any more hiccups & got to pick out his toothbrush. Finally, we got J in the seat. He laid on daddy & I held his hand while the hygienist cleaned his teeth. He did really well & soon got the hang of it. The doctor came to check out E so I went with him to the next room. His teeth are really good & there were no problems.

J got done & as soon as we said, "done" he asked for his toothbrush. Everyone got something different which is important so they don't get mixed up. Then the doctor came in & had to check his teeth but he didn't protest too much (he had just gotten his toothbrush so he had calmed down). Ah, the things we will do for the love of a new toothbrush!! Makes my life a little easier though...I can bribe them with simple things.

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  1. Lol-love the last two sentences! I can't imagine taking AR, much less THREE at once. Good job, momma!