Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Home Sweet Home..

Home almost a week from our vacation at grandma's. Lots of drama. So much so it made me question whether I want a baby girl. Guess that's what happens in a house full of girls! Even kids that were being watched were mostly girls. Thank goodness for my boys tipping the scales a bit in the other direction.

Visits were good but always way too short. I got to see my girlfriends a few times (always thankful for that!). It always centers me and gets me grounded. Venting is so important and healthy!!

The boys spent lots of quality time with my dad as he worked on the shed. They learned (& showed him) a lot about tools and tried to help as much as they could. They would light the fire at night & roasted some marshmallows. They really got to be grandpa's special helpers! I know he appreciated the time with them & they did too. They weren't as scared to do things this time around; more open to see & go inside of things (i.e. they finally weren't scared to go inside of the UPS airplane). They learned to swim with life vests on and were little daredevils and even jumping off the sides and going under the water at times.

We got to go to the zoo (although their hours are very short so we weren't there for long) and did a few things. E & G liked riding the camels & J really liked the boat & train ride (although ride was cut short).

We went to the Platte County Fair & to my surprise they enjoyed the rides and games. So much so that we took them to Chuck E Cheese & they loved it there too. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many more games there were. Toys are still kinda cheesy but at least you can upgrade and 1 penny equals one ticket. I looked up to see if we have some places here & at least there are a few. Nothing too terribly close but still, at least it exists around here. I found out about a train ride semi-close to my parents where a ride is only $.50 per person so we went on Saturday, August 9 & rode 3 times. We were going to go to Centre Island here but the weather is too cool this year (especially by the time we got back). Makes me sad...we only have so many months where warm weather is available & Mother Nature is making it cooler than it should be for this time of year. We took them back to Puddicombe Farms & rode the train so that helped ease the jiltedness of the zoo train.

As these days go by it just reminds me that they're headed to J/K soon. I've had my good days & bad days on this. I sat & watched some of their old videos yesterday & laughed/bawled at the same time. I just can't believe they were that little. Still makes me yearn for one sometimes. That innocence & wonder. I really do wonder what it would be like raising one little one.

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