Thursday, 3 July 2014

So Far So Good...

We're about a week into our trip and so far everything is going well. The boys love visiting grandma and all the craziness that comes with it.

Our trip started early Sat morning about 9:30. We made it over the border with relatively no problems except for a 40 min wait at the Ambassador Bridge. I got my cell phone unlocked so I wanted to get my new sim card as soon as I could just in case we needed to use it. We were able to meet my cousin for a few minutes to give her the clothes for her son at the grocery store where the wireless store was located, then we headed to lunch. A little break for everybody out of our chairs & then we were headed back into the van for the next part of our trip. We stopped one more time for gas then drove for another hour & found a McD's for the kids to play at and stretch some more. I was glad that they got out some of their craziness and then headed back in the van. I drove from here for a few hours & once we stopped for gas again & headed into MO then kept going until we needed more gas & a potty break then kept going straight. We made it at about 4 a.m. with little veering off the road. We saw a few deer but they were on the shoulder this time (unlike last summer when one was wandering the middle of the road slowly). We saw a opossum & few other animals but luckily none of them went under our wheels. My sis, brother & parents were awake & met us as soon as the van stopped. The boys were awake the last 30 min of the drive so they could find the house when it was time. The boys finally got back down to sleep after 5 & then hip hip hooray E woke up at 8:30 *groan*. My dad was awake so he insisted that he was okay to watch him & that I should go up and sleep & mom would be back from church soon. I tried. I turned a few times and then 10 min later G woke up. I came down with him & then was up until the next night.

We took them to play at the splash pad. It wasn't as warm as it could have been but they still enjoyed it. The water wasn't too cold since it was in the sun all day. Once they got cold they went into The Grove & had a blast. Luckily we didn't have too much going on today so they got to play for a while.

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