Thursday, 6 February 2014

Ripley's Aquarium...

My sister-in-law & family came into town to celebrate my father-in-laws 75th birthday. As a treat we went to Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto & then on the weekend we went to dinner at the Mandarin.

Since they came into town at night we didn't get to see them right away but we met for lunch at McDonald's in Stoney Creek. The boys got to play & we all got to hang out together. Hubby even got out of work a little early & surprised us all by meeting us there. The boys were spoiled by their Aunt & cousin & each received shopping carts that had a self-checkout stand along with a cash register. Cousin got to spend the night. The boys were super excited to have him here & kept asking for him to play with them.

On Friday we braved the cold & headed to downtown Toronto to visit the new aquarium. Luckily we bought tickets online a few days before we went, but the Aquarium was still pretty busy. We saw 4 school buses & 3 Greyhound buses outside the place. We were thinking of bringing our train stroller (mostly to hold stuff, like jackets) with us but I'm so glad we didn't. There were stairs to get up to the door & then inside was pretty crowded. The whole aquarium was pretty neat & we saw lots of cool fish, sharks & sea life.

Snubbed by a  HUGE Grouper fish

We spent the night at grandma's so with that comes fighting & jumping on beds:

The next day (after digging out from the snow) we went to eat the Mandarin & came home & took a very nice family picture:

It was great to spend time with family. It had been a while since we got to see all of them & it was tons of fun to play together & create memories.

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