Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Journey Home (Jan 2014)

So...the "adults" (i.e. our parents on both sides of the family) tried to stop us from leaving on Friday Jan 3, claiming that the weather was too bad for us to leave. Looking out the window the only thing I saw was sunshine & Mike had looked at the weather reports along our route & everything said it was supposed to be fine. We decided that we would travel as far as we could safely, & if we had any problems we would stop.

For the most part, our ride home was uneventful (even our GPS was working properly, hooray!). We had prepared the boys ahead of time so we didn't even have E & J fighting back & forth as to which house we were going to. A little before we crossed the border we stopped for gas & got some snacks, letting the boys out to stretch their legs inside the gas station. They enjoyed walking around everything & the attendants enjoyed watching them play (as much as we allowed them to).

We piled back into the van & started new videos for the boys & crossed the border (at 2 a.m.) with very little problem. We were worried we'd get a guy that was bored & wanted to nit pick everything. About 15 minutes into our drive the winds really picked up & was blowing snow across the highway (the snow that was along the side of the highway, none was coming down). Once Mike felt it get a little slick he eased up & about that same time a semi-truck decides he's going to pass u. He passed us fully & then after more than a cars length more we watched the wind blow the back of his trailer one way while his cab went another. He jackknifed & while trying to regain control found his way into the ditch on the right shoulder. We were very lucky he didn't take any part of us with him. Mike stopped to check on him & I called 911 (my first time ever!). A few other cars also stopped behind us & called 911 (not knowing I did too). Since we saw it happen Mike had to wait until the police got there so he could do the statement & then we continued on our way with a boring drive that we were happy to have! God was definitely watching out for us...

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