Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The end of 2013 (part 2)

Dec 21 & 22 - E found him on the mantle
E was the only one really concerned that Twinkle was missing the day we left home. Once we got to my parents he saw him on the mantle

Dec 21 - Twinkle making the long journey in my purse

The day after we arrived, I still had a few Christmas presents left to buy & so grandma got some alone time with the monkeys while daddy, auntie & I went out & finished our purchases.
Dec 23 - in the tree
Dec 24

On Monday, Dec 23 I got together with my bestest girl friends. I was SOOO excited to see them! It started with an all girl's lunch (no kids or husbands). We first headed to lunch at 54th street for grub & girl talk. Then (after almost 2 hours!) we split up & headed our separate ways for a few errands. Jackie & I decided to head out together since some of our errands were at the same place. We went to Dick's for a couple of items & then I noticed that I didn't have my credit card & forgot it at the restaurant. Jackie remembered that she forgot her hand sanitizer at the table too. I had enough cash in my wallet for the gifts & then we got back in the van & headed the one block over to the restaurant. It was so crazy packed at Zona Rosa. I successfully parallel parked the van (between a car & the sidewalk, but hey it still counts!) & we ran into the restaurant. For security reasons they had me show I.D. but they had my card. I was so thankful! Since it was so packed Jackie & I split up & she took her car over to the other side of Barry Road & I did the same. It took longer to get out than it did to drive across the way! It was a good idea not to leave either car in ZR parking. I did my errands at Wal-mart & then we met up Target. She followed me home then we started getting some things ready for Joy's sprinkle & exchanging gifts. Unfortunately, Joy's son was coughing & had a runny nose so it was thought best that he stay home but that meant that his dad couldn't come join in the fun either. Andy did get to come for a few minutes & Joy sat in the car with Lucas. I made him a plate of food so at least he got to have some. The kids had a great time together & I got an early birthday present!

Christmas Eve was filled with lots of love & family. Unfortunately, some of the family had to go to work that night but we ate & the boys had fun. We tried to put them to bed at a semi-normal time & used the rest of the time to play cards. My mom, brother & sister went to Midnight Mass (a tradition in our family) but I was tired & not really feeling like going. Mike & I played cards instead with my Aunt & Uncle. I started out strong but after one hand with a bad score I continued to drop; I was first from behind (haha). After they got back we started putting presents under the tree. That was an exercise by itself! I also had to find a spot to hide Twinkle as that was his last night until next Christmas. I settled on my laptop bag & luckily they never found him.

Luckily, the boys didn't wake up too early the next day. We opened presents & had a very nice day all relaxing. Too bad my brother had to go to work but he was gone after lunch & came back after dinner. After dinner we played "The Game of Things" with Shannon & her boyfriend & my aunt. The boys played with their new rescue bots & watched said rescue bots the whole day. Did I mention that it was THE WHOLE DAY? They pretty much took charge of the big tv in the living room...
Christmas Day family picture!

We went shopping the day after Christmas but other than that we didn't do much (too cold outside!!) until Dec 29. The whole family (minus dad) went to FunRun in Liberty & had a great time. My mom even went down some of the blow up slides with the boys! We worked up quite an appetite so we headed to Pizza Street Buffet afterwards. The boys actually took naps during the drive over. They loved eating that pizza & played a little in the arcade too.

E eating pizza. Sitting at his own table with Auntie

We finally got to see my dad on Monday the 30th. He was working hard & the weather wasn't cooperating so we didn't get to see him until then. The original plan was that we'd see him the night we got in & then he'd leave that Sunday to go back to STL but the weather was too bad for driving. He pulled doubles & stayed there that week & then we saw him for about 5 days the next week.

New Years Eve...
We had planned to go to my friend's house that night but plans kept changing & we ended up staying at my parents. It ended up working out well. The boys stayed up & all the kids got little goblets that had sparkling grape juice. We were watching the wrong channel on tv (the one we were on only showed Eastern Time's countdown) so we were a little late "celebrating" the New Year but at least we were all together.

We headed out to Pizza Street (again) the next day. Dad was excited & wanted to take the boys out. This time, the boys tried out the roller coaster simulator arcade game & LOVED IT! I was so surprised. They are getting better at trying different moving games. I hope this trend continues! There was also a young kid (early teens) that was really "paying it forward" & putting tokens for all the other kids to play. He was really sweet & I thanked him for putting the coins in for my boys. He said, "That's okay, looks like they're really enjoying it." So sweet!

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