Wednesday, 29 June 2016

I seem to just blink...

Okay so I blinked, and it's almost July again. What the heck?! Craziness has continued in our household by adding more thing to the mix - me back at work. It started out part-time, gradually increasing hours though. Which is nice. It's nice to be amongst adults again & it's very nice to be earning a "paycheck" again. I became an independent consultant for Jamberry last March and it was one of the best decisions I made. And now I have more money to feed the habit HAHA.

The monkeys are still monkeys with additional play equipment. Hubby built them a really nice play set (sold the last one). All the ones that we could have purchased in the store seemed to be too short so he designed one last year (worked on it for a while, pricing everything) & finally got it built. The only addition you can't see in these pics is the wall climbing structure in the back and a zipline on the side.

And just like that it's next to the last day of school and the monkeys are on their way to first did that happen so fast? My boys have been on a shark kick lately (mostly Elias but they're all playing a shark game on their tablets). It was play day at school and since we just got these shirts on Sunday they were begging to wear them. Purely coincidental that it's shark week on the Discover channel :D

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