Sunday, 26 July 2015

It's July???

Okay, so when did this happen? I blinked, forgot about posting and all of a sudden it's JULY! W.O.W.

The boys finished their first year of school with some great experiences. We went on a field trip (Tuesday before school let out) to the Safari Zoo in Fort Erie (one we've been to before). It had some more fun for them than the last time we were there. They added some big pillow jumpers and some other rides that my boys loved. I was very thankful I brought our folding wagon and put all our bags and lunches in it. I had one additional school kid with me. I decided to get the jumping out of the way from the beginning so we could go see the animals. That turned out to be a smart decision because the sun had a chance to "warm them up" and they were super hot when they tried again in the afternoon! My group caught up to the teachers a few times and since we were beside them when they were on their way to the buses, they took my 1 school kid. Since I drove myself to the field trip, I got to keep my kids and enjoy the rest of the park. Just being there from 10-something to 1pm didn't seem enough for me (especially considering the entrance fee!). I took them to the splash pad and they also got to play on the little roller coaster and a few other rides they had.

G decided he'd had enough of the rides and wanted to play with these big chess pieces they had. His brothers stayed on the rides. After a few minutes he told me he had to go to the bathroom really bad. I told him to wait and that I had to tell his brothers to wait for me at the rides (not too many people so I wasn't worried. They could have just kept going on the rides). As I was telling E & J that I was headed to the bathroom I looked back & G has already pulled his pants down and was peeing on a tree. I started laughing and so did a few of the other parents. One of the moms even said "not anymore!" (not headed to the bathroom anymore). I apologized but what can you do when a 4 year old has to pee? After that we went and played in the big sandbox. We're usually rushing through so they don't get to play for long but this time I let them do as they pleased. I sat and chatted with a fellow mom and they ran around and played. As we got ready to leave around 4:30, we let them go on the balancer for kids. They really enjoyed that!

 A few days after this, school was over!

I felt horrible the day after school was out so I went to the walk-in when lo & behold I was diagnosed with a double-ear infection, throat infection and chest infection. Y.U.C.K. I was thankful I was put on antibiotics and started to feel better before we headed to my parents on July 2!

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