Saturday, 7 December 2013

Elf to date...

So far the Elf hasn't really done much mischief (why would I want to create more work for myself? - I mean.. have to clean up after someone else) but he has been up high watching every move.

Day 2
Day 3

Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

Day 7
E has been the one to find him most days. J found him a couple of times. When I started this I was thinking this might be a good way to get the boys to "behave"...threaten no gifts if they fight or aren't listening, etc. But then I wondered if that was the right message. I thought about it & also read other blogs. Christmas isn't about the gifts. For the last couple of days I have stopped with this "threat"  & just say that Twinkle is watching & he wants everyone to be nice to each other.

We have set up our Christmas tree, with the boys help, of course. They behaved pretty well & shared & took turns. We were able to even get their special ornaments (baby's first Christmas ball from Uncle Andrew, first ornament picture & their wish bear ornaments) on the tree with pictures. I was worried to put out our "good" nativity scene due to the fact it's highly breakable. A day or so after putting out the tree I realized I could try putting the small nativity set out & see how they do with that. I am happy to report that they have barely touched it! E has moved 2 of the wisemen into the manger a few times but other than that they haven't taken them around the house. We have also added a train around the bottom but we might be switching it out for another train that isn't so "plasticky".

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