Tuesday, 13 January 2015

2014 Christmas/New Years...

Aside from the fevers/chills that wouldn't end Christmas was very nice this year. First of all, the boys are way more into it than any previous year. I almost caved several times and let them open some presents. We did agree to let them open the ones from my parents/friends on Christmas Eve to appease them a little until the next morning.

Rima (Mike's sister) got to visit for Christmas with her husband and son this year which made it all the more special. We had dinner Christmas Eve and then Rima & Greg stepped out for Midnight Mass but because of all the waking up every night I was just too beat to go this year. We set out Santa presents and Rima set out all the things that she brought. We didn't make them wait too long that morning before they got to open the gifts.

We ended up sleeping in the same house for 3 nights which was very nice. We didn't have to worry about leaving and coming back, we could sit and watch movies as late as we wanted and wake up & have breakfast together the next day. We were able to get some nice family pictures too. The first time we tried to take a family picture, G wasn't there (which we didn't notice at first). Everyone came over to the stairs and we set up (I kept thinking there was something wrong) & I put the timer with 9 shots. I went to check on the pics and all of a sudden, G came from the dining room (he was busy playing his tablet in the kitchen and was oblivious to the commotion in foyer) and turned the corner and just looked at us sitting on the stairs. All of us broke into "Gaby!" and started laughing, not believing we did the pics without him.

The boys took a bath in grandma's bathtub (which they love) & afterwards J combed G's hair. As he was combing it he said "Gaby you have really curly hair."

New Years was very calm (especially compared to Christmas) but we were all okay with that. Mike's parents spent the night and we all toasted at midnight. The champagne we had on hand wasn't very good so we drank more of the sparkling grape juice the boys had :)

And just like that our Christmas break was over.

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