Sunday, 13 April 2014

Stop Being a Chicken & Ask. I don't bite...

We cut (more accurately, Mike cut) the boys' hair last night. We got super lucky & even though E was freaking out initially he calmed down by the time it was his turn. No more crazy hair for a few weeks!

 We were very lucky this weekend & had pretty decent weather. Yesterday was a little cool, but I still kicked the boys outside to play. Mike "played" in his garage & organized some & cleaned up. I tried to go to the store by myself then ended up with 2 going. I got their "to go" shoes on while J sat on the couch & said, "Mommy, you'll come back?" I said, yes, I was just going to the supermarket for a minute & coming back. Then E had to open his big mouth & shout, " Jacob, want to come with us?" Oh vey. My 15 minutes of shopping turned into an hour; part of it was due to finding a friend & chatting for a bit, but still it took an hour. I can't complain too much about them, they are pretty good & let me get what I needed to. I always get looks in the store & a few people will be brave and approach me & ask about them, while others just look from afar & point. Stop being a chicken & ask me already...YES THEY ARE TRIPLETS.

Palm Sunday was supposed to be rainy but we got super lucky & it turned out to be a great day! We even got a little humidity & that made it feel a bit warmer. We went to Tim Horton's for some coffee & lunch & then got to play at the park for a bit & dinner at grandma's with a few selfies mixed in.

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