Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Beginning of This...

Hi everyone! I'm super excited to start this...I read a few on a consistent basis & have wanted to do it for a while (wish I would have started sooner). Having 3 monkey triplets in the house doesn't make it easy to find time to do things but it makes it easy to have LOTS of interesting stories!! I try to write it all down so they will have something to reference to when they get older but, it gets hard to keep track of all of it! I'm hoping I can keep up with this so that it can be our home "journal" of sorts & the boys will look back on it some day with (somewhat) pride (or embarrassment, possibly both).

I hope you find this interesting enough to keep up (or at least enough to keep checking back in every once in a while)!

We celebrated the boys' third birthday last weekend. This was the first time they were totally into their birthday (i.e. not crying when they saw burning flames on the cake). They were so into it this year that they let me take some pictures of them together for their invitation:
I was THRILLED once I saw the results of our home photo shoot that morning...granted I had to bribe them with playing outside, but hey, I got my shots!

For the first part of their birthday celebration (Friday), we went to Puddicombe Farms. We tried to do a train ride that day on the farm but unfortunately, they only have the engineer available on Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun. We still had a great time, though. This was the first time the boys got to go apple picking. They also picked out their own pumpkins for the second year in a row. 

On Saturday we had their birthday party. It was raining outside but it was warm & fun inside! They still don't have too many of "their own friends" so it was mostly adults with a few others their size (which also mean no real games for the kids to play). We had lunch for everyone (pizza & pulled pork sandwiches) & then cake along with ice cream. Afterwards, we decided to brave them opening presents. went okay. They decided they needed to tear into some of them before we were ready with the cameras. Luckily, it was only one (well 3 because they each got a box from the same person) & we still got some shots of them opening them. We went from 8 that morning until 2 the next morning (I went until 3). It was totally worth it & we loved seeing everyone!

3rd birthday
On Sunday it was much nicer outside & we went back to Puddicombe Farms for the train ride. It was a great ride (although we didn't get to sit as close to each other as we wanted). The boys also roasted some marshmallows courtesy of the farm.

Monday, it was time to say "Until next time" to auntie & uncle by taking them to the airport & spending the rest of the day playing at grandma's house.

We are so blessed to have so many people that care about us & these boys. Thank you to everyone that made this weekend great!

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  1. Three already!? That's crazy! I remember when you were pregnant with them. Excited to follow your blog!